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Group Activities
Serial No Activity Name Date Description
1 Agrawal weekly biodata introductaory convention 1991-01-01
2 First free of cost convention of Agrawal society 1992-02-02
3 second free of cost convention of Agrawal society 1992-05-31
4 On Agrasen Jayanty magnificent fair 1992-10-01
5 Free of cost Akhil bhartiya do divsiya convention 1992-01-16
6 11 Mates of Agrawal society first free of cost joint marriage ceremony 1993-02-18
7 Publication of “Agrasen abhivyakti” patrika 1993-08-29
8 On agrasen jayanty a grand festival of Jhanki 1993-10-01
9 Free of cost fourth Akhil Bhartiya convention 1993-09-16
10 Free of cost fifth widow/widower/Handicaps/Middle aged introductory convention 1994-05-15
11 Establishment of first girl’s vestibule 1994-07-24
12 Picket by society on Rajbada 1994-09-09 Gourav garg kidnapping.
13 1994-10-02 Honor of Agrasen society’s Director Mr.Rajsh garg and minister Mr.Sanjay mangal and X-Director Mr. Shiv by Mr. Ramesh garg (Bhaskar group)
14 1994-10-01 Getting 1st Award in Jhanki in Agrasen Jayanti ceremony
15 0000-00-00 First time honor of 350th versatile students of Agrawal society by silver medal
16 By society cultural events dedicates to Maharaj Agrasen 1994-10-12
17 Sixth Akhil Bhartiya three days convention 1994-12-17
18 1994-09-30 Bring Revolution in Agrawal society by Mr.Rajesh Agrawal(Bhaskar group) to be honor by Agrasen social Award in Akhil bhartiya 15th national session
19 Organize painting competition of Agrawal’s student on Agrasen ceremony 1994-09-17
20 Organize dance competition and give Awards to versatile 450 students on Agrasen 95th ceremony 1995-09-22
21 1995-01-25 Getting 2nd award to jhanki of “kuldevi mahalakshmi gives blessing to maharaj Agrasen” on Agrasen 95th ceremony
22 7th Akhil bharitya convention 1995-12-24
23 Organize 3rd honor ceremony of 350th Agrawal’s students in dance competition 1996-10-10
24 On the occasion of Maharaj Agrasen’s 5120th jubilee get 2nd Award in jhanki by Agrawal society 1996-10-13
25 8th Akhil bhartiya Agrawal’s convention 1996-12-29
26 Successful organized Princess Agrawal 97th by girls vestibule first time of Agrawal social group 1997-09-16
27 Organized Akhil Bhartiya youth introductory convention by Girls first time 1997-12-29
28 Organized Princess Agrawal Maury competition by Agrasen social group 1998-09-17
29 1999-07-11 Oath ceremony of Agrasen social group and give fund regards “Kargil help fund” of Rs.11,000 to collector Mr. Manoj shrivastav
30 Organized Princess Agrawal ,Agrawal Maury child fair 1999-09-19
31 1999-10-10 Invites 1100 families by giving yellow rice in Mahahraj Agrasen 5123rd jubilee by Agrawal central social group and getting 3rd award by “Kargil fight”in ceremony
32 Organized talent award,princess agrawal and agrawal Maury by Agrasen social group 2010-09-10
33 12th Akhil Bhartiya introductory convention 2000-12-24
34 13th Akhil Bhartiya widow/widower ,divorcée introductory convention 2000-05-16
35 Talent award, Group dance, Agrawal Maury 2001 2001-09-17
36 Painting competition 2001-10-02
37 Oath ceremony, Family Program 2002-04-28
38 Summer classes 2002-05-24
39 Painting competition 2001 2002-09-29
40 Talent award and Agrawal Maury 2002-10-02
41 Summer classes 2003-05-15
42 Talent award, inter school and Agrawal Maury dance competition 2003-09-28